About Us?

We are a web development firm who cater to all your digital needs. Think of us like a tiny restaurant on top of a hill that has a heavenly view. Come talk to us, share your ideas and enjoy the view as your dish is served. It’s gonna be just like that. All of our team is like-minded, we have embedded the messages of Buddha in our mind. And so, we’ve got 100% chill. We are very patient with our friends(customers).

Feel free to drop by. 🙂

Who Are We

We are the Plain Cypher. A group of young enthusiastic web designers and developers who believe that the work must speak for itself.

Our motto – Zero Bullshit. Absolute Work“.

What We Do

We Design and Code to make 3 kinds of people happy.

1. Our client. 2. End Customer. 3. Ourselves.

Our 6-D process



Present your idea.



We brainstorm together and get the best out of it.



We present you with a variety of design concepts that are tailor-made for you.



Sit back and relax while we go back to our labs and mix sugar, spice and everything nice to put it all together.



The stuff we (you + us) create needs to be tested out in the open world for its stability. So, we deploy it. Get feedback. And iterate it to perfection.



and then we present your dream; but as reality.

Why choose us?

We give not one; but many design concepts to choose from. Pick one or mix and match all of ’em to make something Legen–wait for it–dary!. Frankly, we’re chilled out group of people who’ll not disappoint you. If you don’t wanna be disappointed, we got you covered.

Gotcha! That was a click bait. I mean, 24×7? Anyway, we got no girlfriends. We’re married to our work. Guess that’s enough to convince you that we will be there for you. After all, you are all we have.

Start a project with us.

Welcome to the club fellow human being. Drop a message and expect an early reply with a garnish of humbleness of Buddha and wisdom of Socrates.