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This is the conversation we had with our client.
Client: Hey, I need a website ASAP. I got no content. But, here’s my visiting card. Check out if you can do something awesome.
PlainCypher: Cool!
                  4 days later!
Client: Dude!!! you should definitely charge more. You definitely surprised me and my team. Cheers!
PlainCypher: Cool!
We met the founder of Mahez Foundation when he was troubled & disturbed.

The previous developer had screwed up the website. Fourth wall breaking screwup.

We followed 4 simple steps to fix the issue

Step 1
: Login to the web server
Step 2
: Pressing Ctrl+A
Step 3
: Delete
Step 4
: Build an epic Website
Outcome: We got approval to build 3 more websites for the client. Guess we’re good at meeting expectations.

Mahez Foundation


This is another project we received from Mahez foundation. 
Client: Guys, I was thinking of starting an E-commerce platform to sell some unique products. Can you do it?
PlainCypher: We’ll send you a link check it out. Let us know if you like it or if you want us to modify it further. 
A few hours later(-sponge bob)
Client: Looks perfect. Ill send my product list and images. set it up! You guys are the best. 
PlainCypher: Cool! (The products are still finalizing but the site is tight)
We keep saying a lot of things about our projects, Not about this.
We suggest you experience this one.



Blogs are a great way of communicating, educating, and what not.
so we tried making one for our good friends at S.T.O.P (Survivors Teaching Others Prevention)
Still a work in progress. But hey, Roam wasn’t built in a day. We’re loading up the content.
You can check out the structure and functionality meanwhile.
Features: Front end blog posting capabilities, Frontend post monitoring, Social media share and RSS feed. Ultra modern design and a lot of love. 
Ps- Another Asifa case can be avoided 
We got a lot of creative clients on our list.
Nayarts is one of them: The dude is a lit guitarist. Has an epic studio. He has dope Videography skills too. 
We added a feather to his cap(s) by making an awesome website for him.
World Impact of the website: We got some exclusive songs and one of our team member got a recording done for free. so the overall happiness ratio of the world increased by 0.000000000006% we did the math. 


Few of our Other recent works​

*Apart of the clients listed above, we have a lot of Batman clients who are not comfortable being mentioned.
But, we can you walk through and flaunt show you stuff we've done!

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